Saturday, March 15, 2008

Green Wood Hedgehog

Wood-Preservative Recipe

1 1/2 cup boiled linseed oil
1 ounce of paraffin (carnauba or wood rosin wax)
enough solvent (distilled pine tar, mineral spirits or citrus thinner) at room temperature to make the total volume of the mix one full gallon.

Melt the paraffin over water in a double boiler. Do not heat over a direct flame. Away from the heat source, stir the solvent vigorously, and then slowly stir in the melted paraffin. Add the linseed oil and continue to stir thoroughly. Apply by dipping the untreated lumber in the mixture for three minutes or by brushing a heavy application across the wood's grain and on the cut ends of the lumber. The wood can be painted when it's thoroughly dry. (USDA developed.)

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