Monday, January 19, 2009

La Frontera del Lenguaje

(The Border for the Faculty of Communication)

"What does that mean?" you ask.

It's something you've got to think about for a minute, because it's hard, like the world, like building, like failing, like when you work tremendously on something for the sake of itself, knowing the experience of it, (just like a sand castle) only to have the next wave wash up on shore to erase from time that you were here working here.

It's about me learning from Fred--a Renaissance man in his own right, someone who is very much like Sam on the interior, so that making the film is also a way to become Fred, to know Sam.

It's about finding architecture (a suggestion for dignity) in something as simple and warm, and therefore beautiful, as breakfast.
. . .
I'm not sure if these somewhat metaphorical concepts can be made clear, also somewhat obscured by my language--and that may be why we, you and I that is, can only go as far as we can go.

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