Friday, October 10, 2008


16 June 2008 (under the influence of Bas Jan Ader)
(revisited 10 October 2008)

To join the realm of the real is to fall subject to gravity. Fantasy vanishes like plumes into ephemera, but to fall is to be bound by weight, to subject the subject to load so as to test what may or may not have once been ideal—to join the realm of the real.

Sometimes heavy, warped, knotty, rocky, vertiginous, messy, these are among the things to make physically implies, when architecture leaves paper.

Let’s be astronauts wrapped in glittering aluminum to explore depths of darkness, above neighboring the moon, or on Melies’s sets and test gravity all the while remembering to dream—the source of great architecture—without which should our drawings even dare to suggest otherwise?

This greatness is found in attention.
The detail.
Its articulation.

Dreaming (with others in mind) is the greatest endeavor we can pursue, as the “to-be-used” component of architecture implies. Images are the instructions for that world, in the form of drawings, photographs, diagrams, motion pictures.

How shall we thoughtfully organize those pictures to show others, anyone, how to make real that vision.
What follows may be instructions for architecture, visuals for building, to work by hand when ready.

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