Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Neo-Homesteading: Tilth and Availablism in Small Architecture and Film

This in-progress-thesis holds stakes in returning knowledge to the hands through the process of making by looking at architecture and film to reciprocally inform the other's design-build process.

The nature of making things by hand has become more rare given the nature of living in the city as work becomes production-specialized. Filmmaking in its dawn was design-build belonging to the inventor, while the business of building home belonged to the steader.

This design for a three-weather shelter is not a pitting against the city, rather a rural situation in Bridgeville, California, so as to cull and institute site-available materials (as much as possible), to serve as a dwelling for an artist-in-residency at StoneLake Farm.

What I miss is the time it takes to look fore closely.

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